Incredible Wedding Catering Tips For Every Couple!


Weddings are special, but the planning the whole event can be chaotic. As a couple, you and your fiancé have many things to consider, including wedding catering. Guests always look forward to the feast, and it is best to plan things in advance. In this post, we bring the only wedding catering tips that you will never need.

Consider the venue and options

Some venues have onsite catering services, while others may allow you to hire other caterers. Before you look for a caterer, try and find a venue first. Next, you need to consider between full-service wedding catering and delivery. For smaller events with limited guests, you may save considerable money with delivery services. In such cases, the caterer with their servers and staff will reach an hour before at the venue with food ready to be served. For larger events, full-service catering can be arranged, which include bar service, BBQ and more.

Don’t go by glossy brochures

Every other caterer may claim to be the best in business, but sadly big promises often don’t translate into a great feast. First and foremost, don’t trust what you see in the brochures. All it takes to get those pictures is a good photographer. The quote isn’t the only factor either. Yes, you may have a budget in mind, but don’t settle for the cheapest proposal. Instead, ask for a tasting session, which is quite a norm for bigger events. You may also want to check what’s included in the package. Some caterers have a fixed menu, while others take specific requests. If you have a specific kind of menu in find, look for caterers with flexible services.

Review the service

Before you hire a caterer, do a quick background. One of the better ideas is to ask for references. You may also want to check the pictures of some of the recent events they have covered. A company that has been around for more than five years should have enough clients to offer references. Also, you can check for reviews online.

Finally, do consider the theme and season before you decide a menu. If you go for a seasonal menu, you might just save some more money. Also, the setup, dinnerware, and all other aspects should match the theme of the wedding. Find a wedding caterer, who is willing to take that extra effort to make things special for you and your guests.