Preferable Options With the Waterproofing Options Now


Bathroom – a room in which the humidity is constantly higher than normal, which is why it is extremely important to pay attention to this stage of construction, as an independent waterproofing of the bathroom and bathrooms. This process is the laying of a special waterproof layer (roll or liquid insulating material) on the surface of the bathroom.

Waterproofing works of the bathroom is an important stage of repair, as long-term and reliable protection against water and steam penetration is provided, the emergence and development of fungus, microbes and mold is excluded. Best options are now offered by the waterproofing specialist Singapore.

Simple tips for waterproofing the bathroom

It is worth considering the variety of material to ensure reliable waterproofing in the bathroom. It should be noted that building materials based on polyethylene in this construction process is not recommended, because such materials are not able to withstand steam and high humidity in the room.

  1. Rubber layers will reliably protect all surfaces of the bathroom from the negative effect of water.
  2. The material, which is treated with bitumen mixture, is produced by sheets. In this case, it is necessary to lay it overlapping the walls when laying this building material on the floor.
  3. Well provide waterproofing bath special mixtures based on cement and various water-resistant polymers, which experts recommend to apply in several layers.
  4. A novelty of professional waterproofing is bitumen mastic, which is just beginning to be used often for waterproofing the warm floor in the bathroom.

Tips for waterproofing the bathroom

For waterproofing the bathroom you need to follow a certain order. First, the initial soil layer is laid, then – it is possible to proceed with waterproofing, after which a screed is applied, which is covered with a finishing layer. Read more about how to make waterproofing of various rooms and structures in the building magazine ÔÇťAbout waterproofing”.

Before applying the waterproofing layer, rubber seals should be put on top of the pipes. When applying the most waterproof impregnation, it is important not to allow the interlayer between the wall and the floor, so it is necessary to grease these joints. It is desirable that the perimeters of the walls are also processed to a height of up to 5 centimeters so that a sort of “trough” is formed in the room.

It is necessary to consider the recommendations of experts when choosing the material for waterproofing. The leading place is occupied by bitumen mastic, because it is easy to use, and also quite resistant to external factors. Also, this material perfectly copes with the main task – it provides absolute waterproofing of the bathroom in the apartment.