Why opt for interior sliding barn doors


When planning house décor, doors are often overlooked. However, doors are among the main features of the house. Adding a finely crafted door to any room can instantly change the look and feel of any room. Today, many home owners are opting for interior sliding barn doors over the traditional hinged doors. Many claim that they change the way you feel about a specific space. If you are not using barn doors in your home, here is what you are missing out on.

Space saving
One of the major benefits of sliding barn doors is that they save a lot of space. Unlike standard doors that require a wide berth to open, sliding barn doors slide along the wall. Traditional hinged doors can make your space look cramped especially if there is furniture close to the door way. If you have a small space or you are in a building with a high cost per square foot, barn doors can help you maximize space usage.

Light weight
Most sliding barn doors are constructed from light materials making them easier to operate than traditional doors. This design comes in handy in hospitals with patients who are too weak to open standard doors and also in homes with small children. Also heavy doors have a high likelihood of sticking and jamming. With interior sliding barn doors, you do not have to worry about sticking and jamming.

Easy installation
Barn doors are relatively easy to install and that is why they have become popular among many architects today. To install a barn door, you only need to hook the door onto the track using a mounting board that is anchored to the wall. It is as easy as that. While traditional doors have to be bolted onto frame that is usually built into the wall. To install a barn door you require minimal tools and time to get the job done.

In the past doors were not considered as aesthetically charming but sliding barn doors have changed this. Barn doors come in a wide array of designs and you can actually customize them to fit your taste or your building demands. You can even opt for glass sliding barn doors that are simple, elegant and modern. Glass sliding barn doors add more to the aesthetics of any room since they let in natural light.

It is much easier to get items through the door opening with sliding barn doors as compared to traditional hinged doors. This is because sliding barn doors have a wider open space as compared to traditional doors. Barn sliding doors offer more convenience because they can slide over odd shaped doorways.

Interior sliding barn doors have many benefits that you do not want to kiss out. The next time you are remodeling your home or office, consider installing sliding barn doors.